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Natural Shell Items

Bottle Stoppers, Bottle Openers, and Knives

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Green Turbo Marmoratus

Phalium Bandatum

FWP Shell Twist



Turbo Petholatus

 Pearled Turbo Marmoratus

 Fighting Conch


Conus Marmoreus

Banana Clam

 Turbo Sarmaticus



Magpie Turbo

 Silver Lip Strombus

Steel Spreaders Marlinspike Natural Shell




 Turbo Petholatus

 Shell Green Turbo

Natural Shell Magpie Turbo

Canariums Shells Knives Set

Green Turbo Marmoratus Knives Set Pearled Turbo Marmoratus Knives Set


Special Note               

Designer and manufacture of unique and one of the kind gifts and table top items.
Most of our items are designed in house and manufactured in our facility here in US.